Volunteer Profile: Adila Alizada

Adila is an active volunteer who translated several storybooks during our most recent campaign with StoryWeaver. Adila answered a few questions for us about her motivation for volunteer translation, and her hopes for the future of her country.
What is your favorite kind of resource to translate?
I love translating storybooks for kids because it takes me to a beautiful world.
What does doing volunteer translation work with the DD Library mean for you?
It’s a great honor and valuable experience for me to do volunteer translation work with the DD Library. It means fighting against illiteracy, as well as helping kids to read storybooks from other languages. I think we should start somewhere, now; even if we are not experts, we should still do what is within our power to demolish ignorance.
What are your hopes for the future of education in Afghanistan?
My dream is to see all the kids sitting in their classrooms studying, sharing love and friendship with each other rather than hate. I also want to see kids in the library reading books instead of working on the streets. My hope is one day there will be no kid wishing they could go to school: because all kids will be in school.
 Thinking about our current situation, we should focus on educating everyone, but even more importantly, pay attention to improving the quality of our education system. I strongly believe we can bring change in Afghanistan, and even in the world if our kids have equal and free access to quality education. To conclude, if we want to change the world first, we should start by bringing changes within ourselves and in our own communities.