Volunteer Profile: Rohina Khuram

Rohina Khuram is a medical student from Afghanistan. She has engaged in various roles that have shaped her journey since her teenage years. She has worked as a hairdresser, as a reporter and journalist in the media, served as a yoga coach at a gym, and provided assistance in a treatment center. She commenced her translation efforts with DD Academi this June. Since then, she has translated four guidebooks and has worked on topics related to psychology and health science for the library.

What inspired you to become a volunteer translator for the DD Library? 

As a medical student, my inspiration to translate medical knowledge for Afghan students through DD Academi is deeply rooted in my belief in the transformative power of education. I understand the importance of accurate medical information in providing quality healthcare. Therefore, by sharing my knowledge, I hope to empower these students to become skilled healthcare providers in their communities. This opportunity allows me to contribute to a brighter and healthier future for them, which is incredibly motivating. However, I have faced many challenges and hardships in pursuing my education and career. When Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban government, I was a medical student; unfortunately, the Taliban didn't allow girls to pursue education and work freely. This experience has been my driving force - the burning desire to one day complete my education and exercise my right to work as a free individual. 

What are some of the projects or topics that you found most enjoyable or rewarding to translate?

Among the projects I've worked on, the translation of 'Forest Bathing' was particularly intriguing and rewarding. The profound connection between nature and well-being that it explores resonated deeply with me, and I believe it holds great potential to inspire positive change in the lives of Afghan students. This project allowed me to blend my passion for medicine with a broader understanding of holistic health, making it a truly enriching experience. 

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future of education in Afghanistan? 

I envision a future where education in Afghanistan is accessible and equitable for all, regardless of gender or background. I aspire to contribute to a society where every individual, especially women and girls, can thrive through education and empowerment. I am deeply grateful for this recognition and for the invaluable work that the DD Academi does.