Photos from Afghanistan by Maryam Alimi

Mariam Alimi is one of the first ever female professional photographers in Afghanistan. She was born in Kunduz Province in 1980. Her career as a photographer began in 2006 when she got the chance to join photography training conducted by Travis Beard, a professional Australian photographer. In 2008, she was able to go overseas to train at the Munish Kanna Academy in New Delhi. She has also had the opportunity to learn tips about photography under the supervision Tim Page, a famous photographer, on his visit to KabulAs a freelance photographer, she has worked with different organizations and press inside and outside of Afghanistan. The Ania photo website is a good source for seeing these works. On October 2009, she worked on a pictorial documentary for the ICCO Dutch donor organization. She's also worked with organisations like the Danish Demining Group (DDG) in Bagram and with GTZ for some years on their AGF exhibition in Badambagh Kabul.  UNAMA used her photos in an exhibition called Transitional Justice in 2008 and showed in various provinces in Afghanistan. She's also worked for private sector clients, including Maiwand Bank, Habibullah Haseeb Printing, Adv. Company (their 2009 calendar), a Danish youth magazine, on a Tourism guide book to Afghanistan in Australia, and for Afghan Scene magazine where she contributed a photograph for the cover, The photo on the front page of this website, 'Mulah Akbar with headphones,' depicts a famous farmer from Pushtun Zaghun district in Herat province. It is one of the photos Mariam is most proud of, and was published in book in Australia and in a media report about the southern provinces of Afghanistan in the UK.


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