Leadership For Teens Manual (Ages 13 - 17)

A partnership of twenty autonomous organizations, Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) trains and supports women in the Global South, primarily in Muslim-majority countries, to become leaders and advocates for a just, peaceful world. WLP creates culture-specific leadership trainings on democratic participation, and it partners with local organizations to help women gain the skills they need to fulfill greater leadership roles at the family, community, and national levels. Over the past decade, WLP has developed curricula and education resources that encourage women’s leadership and rights, and bolster their capacities as agents for change toward the establishment of free, fair, and democratic

societies. In 2001, WLP published Leading to Choices, a leadership training manual for women with a special focus on women in Muslim-majority societies. By 2010, Leading to Choices had been translated into 20 languages, and adapted for dozens of different cultural contexts. To date, WLP’s programs and training materials have reached tens of thousands of women and men in

over 40 countries, strengthening local organizations to become self-sustaining,

and empowering women’s movements around the globe.

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