Traditional Water Management Systems in Afghanistan

As far as the Afghans could remember, water resources management was a fundamental part of their
life. They learned through history to administer the available water supplies to deal with their
environment’s challenges. Also, climate change intensies the problems at present. The Afghan
communities by using techniques and rules could manage the water. Mir Ab is the person, administering
the water distribution systems and works along with local communities to regulate water eciently and
fairly. Mir Ab controls the systems such as karezes, canals, and wells which has important role in
different places around Afghanistan based on their geographical settings. Firstly, Kareze plays a critical
role in water management and consisted of multiple shafts and main inclined tunnel to bring subsurface
water to the surface. Secondly, Canals brings waters to the areas where are rather close to main rivers.
Thirdly, wells used in most area and the common one, traditionally, they provide drinking water for
societies. Understanding the traditional water supplies facilities in the country remind Afghan people that
water is highly valuable commodity, and then the current water associated ocials should pay more
attention and do their best to manage it. The main goal of this work is highlighting the importance of
water for our ancestors, while it ignored signicantly by current Government of Afghanistan. Besides,
providing a guideline map to look forward and applying right strategies. In short, we hope this paper
remind those who are responsible in this eld to value the importance of water in Afghanistan.

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