About the Darakht-e Danesh Library

What is the Darakht-e Danesh Library?

Welcome to the Darakht-e Danesh Library, a world of open educational resources at your fingertips. Darakht-e Danesh "knowledge tree" in Dari, one of the official languages of Afghanistan, believes that education is the foundation for a better future. Therefore, we strive to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location. Our library is continuously growing and includes resources that cater to all levels of education, from early childhood to professional development and continuing education. We offer an extensive range of materials such as lesson plans, pedagogical tools, exercises, reading texts, workbooks, curricula, and more. Our resources are freely accessible to registered users, and we encourage users to share their resources and help expand this collection for the benefit of all.

How is the Darakht-e Danesh Library Used?

Why is an online Library Needed?

The Darakht-e Danesh Library is a crucial platform that facilitates greater access to high-quality resources for all Afghans. It empowers teachers by providing them with a vast array of resources to support their practice, enabling them to adapt their own teaching materials and share them with others through an open-source collection. We firmly believe that digitalization can unlock greater potential and foster independent learning.

What about people who don’t have the Internet?

We understand that not everyone has access to the internet, and that's why we offer DDL Lite, the offline version of the Darakht-e Danesh Library. It can be installed into a computer lab of any size, providing users in remote locations the same level of access to the library's resources. We ensure that DDL Lite installations are periodically updated so that offline users can access the latest new resources in the library. We invite you to be a part of the Darakht-e Danesh Library and contribute to our mission of making education accessible to everyone. Join us in sharing your resources and expanding this collection for the benefit of others. If you would like to bring DDL Lite to your institution, please contact us to discuss the details.